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Some Appreciated feed back for sell my van

From: Philip Lawrence Postcode: SE26 Star Rating: *****  5/5 Testimonial: Very Professional service, Very Prompt, did as stated,  would highly recommend sell my van

Drug Driving? New drugalyser in use

Police now issued with Drugalysers. As of Monday 2cnd march 2015  new powers have come into place that make it an offence to drive whilst over the perscribed limit of a drug The Police have worked with the AA for some time to bring in this new legislation to tackle drug drivers and hope it will bring down casualty and accident figures. Widely taken Medicinal drugs such as diazepam, morphine, temazepam are included and bloodstream levels will be tested., As well as eight illegal drugs such as cannabis and cocaine. The new rules run alongside the existing law, under which it is an offence to drive when impaired by any drug. The existing ...

Dart-charge now in operation at the Dartford crossing

Dart-Charge now in operation at the Dartford Crossing, As of Sunday the 30th November 2014 the Dartford crossing has changed how you pay to cross this part of the Thames river, whether you cross over the QE2 bridge or through  the tunnel you will no longer have to Que and pay, it is all now automated via dart-charge. Work to complete the new systems and layout will not be completed until spring 2015 but early feedback from our drivers would indicate that it is easing congestion at peak times, which if anyone is used to trying to get through the crossing at rush hour they will know can only be a good thing. Their are many ways to pay as you would ...

Sell My Vehicle Unleash New Website

Welcome to Sell My Vehicle's new website. At SMV we are continually looking to improve our technology and make our service as easy-to-use as possible for our clients. If you have any feedback or comments we'd be delighted to hear them!