Car and Van road tax changes explained

As of last month the rules relating to how you tax your car or van and display your road tax have changed. The problem is, no one has really seemed to think it important to explain how it works to road users. Here is our interpretation of the new rules after an explanation given to us by the DVLA.

1. When you sell a vehicle, any road tax left on it will be refunded to the REGISTERED Keeper by way of a cheuqe from the DVLA once they receive the new keeper logbook (V5c) application- the document you fill the new keepers details into. Which is sent to the DVLA upon sale of the vehicle. Your refund will be given from the start of the following month, so if you sell your vehicle on the 1st of the month you loose that months refund. You do not need to make any application for a refund, the DVLA will do it automatically.

2. When you buy a car or a van, even if it displays 11 months tax, it is no longer taxed. It is your responsibility to tax that vehicle immediately or declare it SORN. It is however much easier to tax a vehicle. You do not need an mot certificate or insurance certificate. You can tax your vehicle buy:
A) You can phone the DVLA on 0300 123 4321, here you can tax your vehicle over the phone for 6 months, 12 months or monthly on a direct debit. They will check to see if the vehicle has an MOT, if the vehicle is not showing as insured you will have a short time period (we believe 2 weeks) to prove it is insured. You do not need to be the current registered keeper to tax the vehicle on the phone.
B) You can go online at and follow the online steps to tax your vehicle, you will need the New Keeper Supplement of the V5c Logbook. (Green Slip) handy for a document reference number.
C) You can visit the post office, with the New Keeper Supplement of the V5c Logbook. (Green Slip) and the current MOT certificate- You do not need an insurance certificate. The same rule applies to taxing you vehicle on the phone and online, where you have a set period to prove insurance.

Their is also now no need to display a tax disc. ANPR cameras will check vehicles road tax status, so expect to see a few more of these out and about.

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